Yarah Bravo

Isle of Art Stage



In a time where music had evolved to exist largely as a monster money-making machine and a shallow showcase for stripped-off sex- kittens, there stood a young lady willing to show the world it was all about the heart.

This ever-loving soul perpetually radiates a defiant intelligence, acute political awareness and a world-traveller’s sense of cosmic consciousness while simultaneously exuding the streetwise cool of the neighbourhood girl we all wanna kick it with.

Yarah Bravo doesn’t want to churn out meaningless messages and she knows that it would just be too boring swimming in the mainstream. So she’s created her own flow for the world to know.

Her new EP „Love is The Movement“ Recorded in Vienna at the Duzz Down San studio. Showcases lots of different music fusions from organic soul to more hard edged electronic beats, matched with Yarah’s unique voice.





Kulturförderer & Unterstützer


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